October 28, 2008

Sorry not Blogging and responding to Blogs.

The kids and I were in a car accident on Oct 18Th. The car is fine over all. But the kids and I had x-ray's done and Rachel needs the least amount of care (2 to 4 week) Nathan (4 weeks to 6)weeks.
What they found on me has left me crying, I have severe bone loss with my disk decaying. Long story short is I have arthritis in 2 spots of my back and will have to have 8 months of care to get it manageable. The chiropractor said they can do nothing to get the bone or disk back, just slow down the arthritis and make it not as severe. This has left me speechless as to what happened in my life to cause such damage to my body. The chiropractor said what ever it was happened about 10 to 15 years ago and has not been treated and was left untreated and this is the result.
I have just been trying to heal and get better this last week.


Heather said...

Oh Tab, I'm so sorry! I had no idea that you guys were having after affects from the accident. My prayers are with you.

The Burger Blog said...

Oh no! That sounds so painful! You poor thing, I hope that it will get better with time. Hugs!

Christine said...

OH Heather.
Big Hugs.
I didn't know that you were in that amount of pain after the accident.
Hoping it will get better with time too.

Kristin said...

Back problems are the worst! I hope you and the kids are feeluing better fast!

I'm glad the accident wasn't worse

The Eckers said...

Sending you many prayers

Heather said...

Sorry Tab, I hope you and the kids start feeling better. thoughts and prayers honey.

Just me and my thoughts said...

I'm so very sorry Tabatha. I'm just getting to this because we are without the internet at the moment, so I can only update and check in at mom's. My mom had surgery for the same issue with one of her disks and she functions very well now. Maybe that'll give you a little bit of hope. (((hugs))) I'm praying for you guys. You can always call whenever you wish, but I understand if you don't, as things are so hectic for you at the moment.