September 30, 2008

Beautiful Sophia

My beautiful niece Sophia modeled for Mervyn's a ad at the same time as Nathan's. Hers came out on Sunday the 28Th until the 1st. Nathan's came out on the 26Th and runs through the 1st. Sophia is on the right, looks like the other baby might be a boy as well. I'm so proud of her too, it can be really hard for a baby to seat and let people take pictures without crying.
Isn't she beautiful? If I haven't ever mentioned this before, she won Beautiful Baby of Sacramento last year.

September 29, 2008

Heart attack, my hubby is trying to give me one.

John is going to kill me for posting this...but gosh he is going to give me a Heart Attack.

I forgot to post that John got bit by a snake the other day. The joys of living out in the country...bugs(spiders BIG ones too), flies,mice, rats, foxes, raccoons, all sorts of critters,and lots of snakes.
So he comes in from outside at 9:30 or 10 pm and tells me he got bit by this snake as I am putting the kids down late. He than says "Honey can you come and see if you recognize what type of snake this is."
Oh sure I know all my snakes...I study snakes on my spare time don't you know....sarcasm here. Like I have a lot of spare time with these two kids always on my shirt tail.
So I go outside as the kids are pushing their way behind me ....Rachel is saying "I want to see too mommy" as I'm telling them to go back to bed.
Well lets see I didn't recognize the snake as I try very hard to avoid them. Depending if they are in my way or the size of them, then I might want to kill it.

So I told him he better call the paramedics and have them look at his finger and save the snake and see what they think.
In the last 2 weeks he has gotten stung by a bee...Oh you should have seen him carrying on over that. A cut, bruised and scraped up at a company picnic baseball game. We went to the ER for him hitting his head with a post hole digger . He called the paramedics for the snake bite....Guess what type of snake it was?
A damn Garden Snake. I'm so glad that is all it was, but man he seems so accident prone as of lately.

What's next?
He has been using an electric saw today for this fence we are putting in. I have kept the kids FAR away from him while using this saw in fear of a accident involving the children.

I can almost hear Tab, I cut myself call 911.

September 27, 2008

I Love You this Much Award, Passing it to NATALIE

I received this really wonderful award from my friend Chris at Munro Family of 5 Thank You very much Chris and Congratulations on receiving this award..along with Michele and Heather(Cakes). I too hope to get a good nights sleep. I have one glass of wine down me already, so that should help for a restful night

I would like to pass this award to my good friend Natalie at Natalie's-Shay Chic Photography . I first meet Natalie on a on-line forum in 2003, while we were both trying to conceive our children.
This has been a hard year for her and her family, she has had a Great Outlook on Life. She has been a supportive Wife, Daughter, Mother and friend.
I feel she needs to know how valued she is to so many, family and friends. She is ever teaching us how to look through the camera lens. trying to help clean up our photo's or just teaching us in general about our hobby of photography. I would like to pass this on to Natalie. She is very giving of her designs through Shay Chic Boutique(Gifts or Auctions).

Thank you Natalie for being a Inspiration, a Angel from above for so many, and a Friend of Gold to so many of us. This is how much I LOVE YOU Natalie...Huge Hugs.

I Feel Truly Blessed to call her my friend.
So here is your Award Natalie...Blowing Kisses.

September 25, 2008

Nathan's 1st MERVYN'S AD

Nathan to the far right of the ad leaning forward. What beautiful eyes and sweet smile my baby boy has.

Here is a screen shot of Nathan's very first Mervyn's ad he did back at the beginning of July. I'm so proud of him and he looks so cute and natural.

September 22, 2008

***** updated as 4pm ER trip*******Taking John to the Hospital...Bleeding from the crown of his head.

John will be ok, but I'm taking him to the Hospital right now. He was digging some holes...With some post hole digger that jacked back up and hit him in the crown of his head. It has been slowly bleeding for the last 2 hours and I really not see if it is a deep hole or what. So we are off to the ER. Just where I want to be all day with him and the kids.
I hope it goes by quickly and all is ok. I have to state I didn't mean to sound selish earlier about our ER trip.
**********************************************update 4pm.
We are back home from the ER, everything is ok, nothing major. Besides he is in a lot of pain and still bleeding 6hrs later.I just couldn't see where the blood was coming from, so we thought it was best to go in and see if I was missing something. Thank you all for your concern. John is just laying low the rest of the day. It was really weird to have our 3 1/2 twins come and tell me daddy was hurt and seeing him laying on the ground asking for help.
So I'm just going to watch him. I was really scared seeing him like that and asking for help.

Our Neighbor's Horses, 1 to 2 lbs or Carrots and my kids

Nathan and Rachel love feeding our neighbor's horses carrots. There is 3 horses but only 2 are able to make it up to our fence line. The other horse is over 100 years old in horse years and is gated off so, he can no longer travel up our hill. This horses names are Star and the other brown one is Snacker...the one pigging out on the carrots below.
However today the kids over feed the horses, especially Snaker....I have a feeling our neighbor below is not going to be happy to see that much carrots(1 to 2 lbs) in his horses poop....LOL, to much information.
The flies have been horrible this year...I can hardly stand all these gross flies around where we live...the joys of living out in the country.
Rachel and Nathan feeding Snacker. I keep telling Rachel to lay her hands flat so Snacker doesn't snack on her hands...LOL. She just doesn't get it.

Both the kids ecxited to see their favorite horse friends, and suppling the horses with their favorite treat.

Don't you need more carrots Snacker?

All the carrots in one big pile. Star didn't like it (the pile) and took off because Snacker didn't want to share the carrots. He's a HUGE pig when it comes to carrots.

September 20, 2008

OK, this is just nuts....Dog collar and dog ID tag

Well I pretty much already have our new dog Remy a collar and his ID tag...but was looking on-line just in case the one I have is too big for Remy. I found this very pretty crystal collar....The website said it was featured at the Oscars.
Guess how much this collar is? ..............................................................................................................$245.oo dollars. Is the world nuts? I also found a diamond ID dog tag for $3,000.00.
I guess for some money does grow on trees.

It looks very pretty bigger and comes in different colors, but there is no way in the world I would ever buy my dog such an expensive collar. I don't even recall what website I found this on.

John's corporate picnic...3 Cheese Tortellini dish

I made this really tasty 3 cheese tortellini dish for John's corporate work picnic yesterday....Their end of the year picnic. It was super easy to make, boiled and drained the tortellini, added cut up celery, green onions and diced up Virgina ham. Then covered it in a couple jars of Alfredo sauce. I thought about adding more ingredients, but figured some would dislike if I added olives, peas, marinated artichokes hearts or bacon pieces.
Everyone at his office seemed to enjoy it. They played softball, John came home some nice size scraps from sliding into home.
It was nice they could all get together one last time for a SUMMER PICNIC before it started raining this afternoon. Feels like fall already....50's to 60's here today in Sunny California...LOL

New fall changes made to the blog.... viewed negitive.

I loved my new fall look, but John wasn't crazy about the new look. So I changed it AGAIN.....sigh. Now it's these pretty brown flowers.

September 19, 2008

A few Wedding pictures from 14 years ago yesterday....9/18/04

I wish I could have found bigger pictures on our computers, but this is what I found. John and I on our wedding day.

Here are just a few pictures of John and I 14 years ago. So glad he got rid of the mustache...LOL

Happy Anniversary...14 years WOW

Last night we went out...just John and I to celebrate 14 years of being married...Wow 14 years already. We went to a restaurant called the French Garden...were we had 4 course meal, a few glasses of wine. It felt so good to be alone for such a short period of time away from the kids. We spent way to much on dinner...but it was well worth the alone time and just seeing each other. Not having the kids there was nice because normally they fuss and sometimes fight at dinner time.
I will have to upload some wedding pictures later. I thought this was kinda cool how this one of two lions heads turned out...In front of restaurant.
Playing around with the tint and coloring.

Lions head....original color
Outside the restaurant

September 18, 2008

Changed blog design tonight

To a Fall/Halloween look...Enjoy the new look.

September 17, 2008

Rachel's first BURN..maybe a 2nd degree burn

Last night was not a good night.
Both the kids decided at 9pm that the needed a snack and went and open the fridge after us(Dad and Mom) telling them to wait and we would get them a snack. Nathan wanted strawberry yogurt and Rachel wanted cut up peaches in a snack pack. Well they decided they couldn't wait one of us to help get a snack and went and left the fridge open for awhile. All of a sudden we hear screaming and Rachel crying, this is her first burn...... She says she got burnt on the fridge light. I went and touched it and didn't think it was that hot.
Well 2 hrs later, several ice packs and a lot of LOVE from Mommy, she finally feel asleep around 11am. She was in sooooooooooooooo much pain, that I wanted to cry with her. I could not for the life of me find our 1st aid kit. So I will be trying to figure out where we placed it after our family camping trip to Tomales Bay later month. Bad burn....This really hurt.
More pictures of the burn, I bet it's going to blister.

September 16, 2008

Nathan's first day back to Speech Therapy

Nathan standing up against his speech therapy building. I talked to his speech therapist today and she said if we wanted to go from two times a week to once a week...that would be OK. He is making good progress with forming his words and maybe able to stop speech at the first of the year. We will see where he is then.

Nathan hard at work with his speech therapist Tracy. Tracy is super sweet. He was so excited to see her today after a three month break from speech.

A pretty rose bush at the school. You could tell it was over cast today and pretty chilly.

September 15, 2008

What's for Dinner....Very easy lazy supper.

Well I'm just having one of those lazy days. So tonight we are having this lasagna and some fresh green broccoli. I'm just going to cut up the broccoli add some butter and spices and maybe some garlic bread. Nathan really likes broccoli and is about the only green veggie that he seems to enjoy. The kids really enjoyed dinner. We received a surprise from Poppa...a chocolate and cherry cake for dessert.
John has been working on adding a fence around the house, so Remy has some area to run. We get our new puppy in 2 1/2 weeks. In case you didn't know, Remy is our new puppy coming from Colorado.

September 14, 2008

Feeling guilty about Not breastfeeding longer....I know 3 1/2 years too late.

I don't know why, but I have been feeling incredibly guilty for not breastfeeding my twins longer.
For me, it was so very hard to make it 6 to 8 weeks of breastfeeding and pumping. But now almost 4years later feel this EXTREME GUILT of not trying to stick it out longer or get the help .
I needed to make it longer....I feel selfish and wish I could have done things differently.
I'm sorry, I just needed to share this. Maybe my PPD was more than I could handle and having a infant with Torticollis and Acid Reflux was just too much for me.
I support any Mother that wants to go as long (within reason)as they can in breastfeeding...I guess I can say I'm a little jealous.

Airshow at the Charles M Schultz Airport

Nathan and Rachel enjoying their first airshow ever. They had a great time besides the Jet noise which they really did NOT enjoy. It was too funny watching them cover their ears even though they had ear plugs in their ears.
Here is the proof that Nathan is quite a bit bigger than Rachel...about a good 3 to 4 inches taller.

Rachel really wanted to go on this helicopter, she was so brave and went with daddy into the helicopter. Nathan was too scared and said "No Thank You."

Sitting in their first Hot Rod, a Saturn. Do you think when they get their first car to share, that there will be NO fighting?...LOL

Waving at the military officers flying the aircraft.
Nathan looking COOL.

Big noisy Jets.

Mommy's siggy picture for online forums

September 13, 2008

More pictures and 100% potty trained

Hi There.....Mommy and Daddy wishes we would slow down on growing, we are getting way too big.
By the way we 100% daytime potty trained now. Mom and Dad are very proud of us.
That's right my twins are 100% potty trained. All it took was putting them in big girl/boy underwear. Both kids have had a few accidents...but nothing like I thought they were going to be.