September 19, 2008

A few Wedding pictures from 14 years ago yesterday....9/18/04

I wish I could have found bigger pictures on our computers, but this is what I found. John and I on our wedding day.

Here are just a few pictures of John and I 14 years ago. So glad he got rid of the mustache...LOL

Happy Anniversary...14 years WOW

Last night we went out...just John and I to celebrate 14 years of being married...Wow 14 years already. We went to a restaurant called the French Garden...were we had 4 course meal, a few glasses of wine. It felt so good to be alone for such a short period of time away from the kids. We spent way to much on dinner...but it was well worth the alone time and just seeing each other. Not having the kids there was nice because normally they fuss and sometimes fight at dinner time.
I will have to upload some wedding pictures later. I thought this was kinda cool how this one of two lions heads turned out...In front of restaurant.
Playing around with the tint and coloring.

Lions head....original color
Outside the restaurant