April 04, 2008

Nathan's and Rachel's on-line portfolios

Nathan's Portfolio at Julie Nation http://www.julienation.com/careersexpresschildren/nathan.html

Rachel's Portfolio at Julie Nation

Well we will see.

All these pictures came about because so many of my on-line friends thought the kids seemed photogenic. So I took them to 2 different places to see what they thought about the kids doing print ads. Both places thought the kids were/are darling...both places were wanting to help market the kids to agents.

So I signed them up with Julie Nation, as I know she has been in my local area for a very, very long time. I also felt confident that Julie and her team of highly trained staff was the best way to market both of the kids.

I met with Julie and she was just as sweet as pie. Then we (the kids and I) met with Justin and he is so nice and helpful. He really thinks they have a shot at doing print ads. Especially Nathan because he listens and follows direction so well.

Here is a pic of Justin trying to comfort Rachel after she fell out of that tree...seeing if she would actually take a few more pictures.
Well she didn't, and that is OK, every body has a off day now and then.

Nathan in a full jump..caught on film

Oliver's camera is quite quick, I have no clue what type of camera he has...but he was able to capture Nathan jumping. Here is an example of Nathan walking to the camera, squatting and Oliver catching Nathan in a full jump.

Both kids together

Rachel wasn't very happy in these pictures, they were taken after falling out of the tree.

Rachel's Photo Shoot.

My poor little girl didn't do as well as I hoped she would do. She fell off this log while trying to climb down. I felt so bad for her. I ran over as she was falling and grabbed her right up. She started to cry right away. I can't say I blame her as the inside of her thigh was all cut up.