September 29, 2008

Heart attack, my hubby is trying to give me one.

John is going to kill me for posting this...but gosh he is going to give me a Heart Attack.

I forgot to post that John got bit by a snake the other day. The joys of living out in the country...bugs(spiders BIG ones too), flies,mice, rats, foxes, raccoons, all sorts of critters,and lots of snakes.
So he comes in from outside at 9:30 or 10 pm and tells me he got bit by this snake as I am putting the kids down late. He than says "Honey can you come and see if you recognize what type of snake this is."
Oh sure I know all my snakes...I study snakes on my spare time don't you know....sarcasm here. Like I have a lot of spare time with these two kids always on my shirt tail.
So I go outside as the kids are pushing their way behind me ....Rachel is saying "I want to see too mommy" as I'm telling them to go back to bed.
Well lets see I didn't recognize the snake as I try very hard to avoid them. Depending if they are in my way or the size of them, then I might want to kill it.

So I told him he better call the paramedics and have them look at his finger and save the snake and see what they think.
In the last 2 weeks he has gotten stung by a bee...Oh you should have seen him carrying on over that. A cut, bruised and scraped up at a company picnic baseball game. We went to the ER for him hitting his head with a post hole digger . He called the paramedics for the snake bite....Guess what type of snake it was?
A damn Garden Snake. I'm so glad that is all it was, but man he seems so accident prone as of lately.

What's next?
He has been using an electric saw today for this fence we are putting in. I have kept the kids FAR away from him while using this saw in fear of a accident involving the children.

I can almost hear Tab, I cut myself call 911.