September 22, 2008

***** updated as 4pm ER trip*******Taking John to the Hospital...Bleeding from the crown of his head.

John will be ok, but I'm taking him to the Hospital right now. He was digging some holes...With some post hole digger that jacked back up and hit him in the crown of his head. It has been slowly bleeding for the last 2 hours and I really not see if it is a deep hole or what. So we are off to the ER. Just where I want to be all day with him and the kids.
I hope it goes by quickly and all is ok. I have to state I didn't mean to sound selish earlier about our ER trip.
**********************************************update 4pm.
We are back home from the ER, everything is ok, nothing major. Besides he is in a lot of pain and still bleeding 6hrs later.I just couldn't see where the blood was coming from, so we thought it was best to go in and see if I was missing something. Thank you all for your concern. John is just laying low the rest of the day. It was really weird to have our 3 1/2 twins come and tell me daddy was hurt and seeing him laying on the ground asking for help.
So I'm just going to watch him. I was really scared seeing him like that and asking for help.

Our Neighbor's Horses, 1 to 2 lbs or Carrots and my kids

Nathan and Rachel love feeding our neighbor's horses carrots. There is 3 horses but only 2 are able to make it up to our fence line. The other horse is over 100 years old in horse years and is gated off so, he can no longer travel up our hill. This horses names are Star and the other brown one is Snacker...the one pigging out on the carrots below.
However today the kids over feed the horses, especially Snaker....I have a feeling our neighbor below is not going to be happy to see that much carrots(1 to 2 lbs) in his horses poop....LOL, to much information.
The flies have been horrible this year...I can hardly stand all these gross flies around where we live...the joys of living out in the country.
Rachel and Nathan feeding Snacker. I keep telling Rachel to lay her hands flat so Snacker doesn't snack on her hands...LOL. She just doesn't get it.

Both the kids ecxited to see their favorite horse friends, and suppling the horses with their favorite treat.

Don't you need more carrots Snacker?

All the carrots in one big pile. Star didn't like it (the pile) and took off because Snacker didn't want to share the carrots. He's a HUGE pig when it comes to carrots.