September 27, 2008

I Love You this Much Award, Passing it to NATALIE

I received this really wonderful award from my friend Chris at Munro Family of 5 Thank You very much Chris and Congratulations on receiving this award..along with Michele and Heather(Cakes). I too hope to get a good nights sleep. I have one glass of wine down me already, so that should help for a restful night

I would like to pass this award to my good friend Natalie at Natalie's-Shay Chic Photography . I first meet Natalie on a on-line forum in 2003, while we were both trying to conceive our children.
This has been a hard year for her and her family, she has had a Great Outlook on Life. She has been a supportive Wife, Daughter, Mother and friend.
I feel she needs to know how valued she is to so many, family and friends. She is ever teaching us how to look through the camera lens. trying to help clean up our photo's or just teaching us in general about our hobby of photography. I would like to pass this on to Natalie. She is very giving of her designs through Shay Chic Boutique(Gifts or Auctions).

Thank you Natalie for being a Inspiration, a Angel from above for so many, and a Friend of Gold to so many of us. This is how much I LOVE YOU Natalie...Huge Hugs.

I Feel Truly Blessed to call her my friend.
So here is your Award Natalie...Blowing Kisses.