September 17, 2008

Rachel's first BURN..maybe a 2nd degree burn

Last night was not a good night.
Both the kids decided at 9pm that the needed a snack and went and open the fridge after us(Dad and Mom) telling them to wait and we would get them a snack. Nathan wanted strawberry yogurt and Rachel wanted cut up peaches in a snack pack. Well they decided they couldn't wait one of us to help get a snack and went and left the fridge open for awhile. All of a sudden we hear screaming and Rachel crying, this is her first burn...... She says she got burnt on the fridge light. I went and touched it and didn't think it was that hot.
Well 2 hrs later, several ice packs and a lot of LOVE from Mommy, she finally feel asleep around 11am. She was in sooooooooooooooo much pain, that I wanted to cry with her. I could not for the life of me find our 1st aid kit. So I will be trying to figure out where we placed it after our family camping trip to Tomales Bay later month. Bad burn....This really hurt.
More pictures of the burn, I bet it's going to blister.