October 28, 2008

Sorry not Blogging and responding to Blogs.

The kids and I were in a car accident on Oct 18Th. The car is fine over all. But the kids and I had x-ray's done and Rachel needs the least amount of care (2 to 4 week) Nathan (4 weeks to 6)weeks.
What they found on me has left me crying, I have severe bone loss with my disk decaying. Long story short is I have arthritis in 2 spots of my back and will have to have 8 months of care to get it manageable. The chiropractor said they can do nothing to get the bone or disk back, just slow down the arthritis and make it not as severe. This has left me speechless as to what happened in my life to cause such damage to my body. The chiropractor said what ever it was happened about 10 to 15 years ago and has not been treated and was left untreated and this is the result.
I have just been trying to heal and get better this last week.

October 18, 2008

Rear End Accident.

Ding Dong it, I was hit was rear ended today. I was trying to finish up shopping for the kids costumes while stopped at a stop light. The guy behind me thought I went and nailed me from behind. I'm ok, the kids are ok. I was just in a small head on in January and didn't really need this right now. I'm having some minor lower back, upper back, jaw and ear pain. So I will be going to Kaiser to have myself checked out and hope this head ache I have goes away. Sorry to vent. The idiot was on his cell phone without his hands free. It is now the law here to be on a hands free while on the phone.

Halloween costume.... They have other ideas than mine..

The kids were going to be a cowboy/cowgirl for Halloween, well that is what I had planned for them to be. They had different ideas than what I had set them to be. Both kids decided that they wanted to be a ........ and a ........... I will post pics later.

October 15, 2008

Looks like the Mervyn's affair...might be over.

Well last week I took Nathan to Mervyn's, with what would have been his 5Th photo shoot with them.... It didn't go well. The week before I told his agent that 3T sweat pant outfits were getting to short for him, and ask what I should do? She just told me to continue until it became a issue.

Not even a week later we got a phone call for him to model for Mervyn's again, I was sweating it because I just knew it was going to be a darn sweat pants outfit. Sure enough it was sweat outfit and I knew there was going to be a problem, just knew it. The darn outfit would not ride down far enough to let him do the shoot. It is not best to hold a conversation in front of a 3 year old with 3 other adults and his mom hammering out that the shoot was going to be a NO GO.
Nathan left there very upset that he did not model the outfit he was wearing, almost crying about it. .....Boy he takes this way too serious.

So today I get a call from his agent asking just how tall he really is? Because Mervyn's is nervous about using him again based on his height. I assured the staffing lady last week he is still really a 3T and it is just the sweat pant outfits that are a problem.

I got in the car today, drove 40 mins.to the pedi's office had him measured and weighed. Nathan is 42' inches and 37lbs. Called his agent back, she called Mervyn's and they said no they had to pass on him...because he is 1 inch taller in the last month. It's too bad because they really like him and his look, and has been a great stress free model for them. Honestly you would not believe some of the kids that model. They cry so much or do not corporate. They just do not enjoy it and their parents make them do this without the kids enjoying it..... Kinda sad to watch. I would have never perused this if he didn't show interested which he ask me to help him be in a magazine.
I can say Nathan enjoys it and Mervyn's knows that...that is why they like him so much. His last photo shoot was 2 hrs with a little girl and a fake grandma.
Well he has 3 other ads coming out and has made a few hundred dollars to put away.
Maybe they will call him back when he reaches a 5T.

October 13, 2008

Update,My mom is back home.

The blood was coming from broken blood vessels. She called her doctor this morning and he wants her back on some meds, to help stop the throwing up. She has some test that are happening in two weeks. Please pray that what is causing her to throw up is not something not too serious.

October 12, 2008

I need PRAYERS...my mom is throwing up blood.

Ladies I really could use some prayers. My mom has been really sick for weeks...throwing up after eating daily. Well tonight she is throwing up blood...what is going on I don't know. But I am super scared and really worried and shaking and crying. Could you all please spare some prayers that she will be ok...and it's not cancer.

Had fun...photoshop

Framed my new favorite picture of the kids...Gosh I love this pic. The kids were having so much fun, and love how Rachel is holding onto what looks like her big brother. We get that all the time people asking if Nathan is a year older. I laugh every time because Rachel is 6 minutes older than Nathan. People have a hard time believing that their TWINS.

Pumpkin Patch Pictures

This is my New favorite picture of Rae and Nate.
It was taken today at Tolay County Park today. All of us had a blast. It was $5.00 for parking and everything else was FREE. Well almost everything else minus the food and pumpkins. http://www.sonoma-county.org/parks/pk_tolay_fallfest.htm The kids on a tractor.

Sitting on pumpkins.

Feeding their faces of mini cupcakes.

Yumm that was goooooood.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Thanks mom and dad.

This way to fun.

Rachel and daddy making a corn husk doll.

Pony races.

Look we really are animals, mommy always thought we were.

Nathan in his first seed spitting contest.

Spitting seeds to win a prize.
Feeding the goats.

Look a donkey.

A tepee.

October 05, 2008

Remy is the BEST Dog ever.

I have to take some pics of Remy, but I have to say he is the best dog ever, so mellow and gentle. He has not once growled or barked at the kids, other dogs. He did bark at my dad today as my dad came in and said What Funny...it was funny.

October 01, 2008

Remy is on his way....in flight

We are our way to Sacramento Airport to go get Remy, he comes in at 3:40. Boy I'm nerves hope he makes connecting flight.