October 18, 2008

Rear End Accident.

Ding Dong it, I was hit was rear ended today. I was trying to finish up shopping for the kids costumes while stopped at a stop light. The guy behind me thought I went and nailed me from behind. I'm ok, the kids are ok. I was just in a small head on in January and didn't really need this right now. I'm having some minor lower back, upper back, jaw and ear pain. So I will be going to Kaiser to have myself checked out and hope this head ache I have goes away. Sorry to vent. The idiot was on his cell phone without his hands free. It is now the law here to be on a hands free while on the phone.


Gen, Eric, Kyle & Alex said...

Hope you feel better soon...I would be fuming about the guy on his cell phone..

Teresa C said...

so sorry you were hit. I hope all is ok and you don't have any major injuries with your back/neck.

Kristin said...

Cell phones and driving are illegal here also. You see these teenagers texting while driving, wth???
I actually seen a guy eating a bowl of spagetti while driveing, he was twirling it and all.
Crazy people!

Hope you guys are ok!